Buying a great Mister Chesterfield with a deposit.

Chesterfields only pay in full on delivery. Because we are very sure that you will be satisfied with our products, we offer the possibility to pay a deposit of 10% and 25% and not the total amount. Even this small down payment can be made under the full CBW deposit so that in the event of bankruptcy you can spend your down payment at another affiliated home furnishings store.

Restant van de Chesterfield betalen bij levering van de meubels

Once we have installed the Chesterfield, you can inspect it and then make the payment via online transfer or cash to the driver. Of course you can also indicate your preference when planning the delivery. This is not a payment in the following days, but immediately when we have placed the furniture. You will experience that our furniture is beautiful and that Mister Chesterfield has such a good name for a reason.

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