Chesterfield sofa The Hague

The best Chesterfield sofa for The Hague just a stone's throw away

You can buy a good Chesterfield sofa at Mister Chesterfield, he is experienced and offers a very nice quality at good prices. The store is proverbially a stone's throw away next to The Hague , within 10 minutes by car from the center of The Hague.


A high-quality Chesterfield furniture is not for sale everywhere

Naast een fraaie hoeveelheid nieuwe bankstellen uit voorraad bieden we nette tweedehands Chesterfields. Daarnaast is er tevens de mogelijkheid uw ultieme Chesterfield bankstel samen te stellen die geheel op postuur en maat geleverd worden. De bezorging in Den Haag is in de meeste gevallen gratis.

The address for this furniture in The Hague is Mister Chesterfield

There are many Chesterfield preconceptions about these sofas, but you will find that this is all based on incorrect execution that has been sold over the years. Visit our store and be surprised how well this once rigid furniture style can provide comfort. The bad sitting is a thing of the past since our label was launched.

We sell sofas , chairs , corner sofas , office chairs that come from our own label. An ultimate product which is manufactured in England according to our guidelines. Completely to your ideas and taste. so you have any kind of doubt.

The delivery of your Chesterfield sofa in The Hague eo

The delivery of your sofa is no problem. We deliver it neatly to your home. Take a look at our references and just buy something good with great service. You can park in the street and it is even free of charge.

If you would like information, please contact us!

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