The Chesterfield Horeca furniture has a major influence on the atmosphere. Comfort, finish and price are usually the most important for buyers. However, our focus goes further than you might think. Things like the construction, types of suspension and filling are crucial to make the whole a success. That it really matches the way of use. How do you want the customer to stay seated approximately and even in what way. A seat that is too deep, for example, leaves people slumped in your case. You have to want that. But sitting on each other's lips with a stranger is also not always the best experience. Our Chesterfield catering furniture is therefore infinitely versatile. These ensure that the furniture always fits in a luxurious, retro or vintage environment. With, with fewer or even without knots. Anyone who can make a complex Chesterfield can also build other styles. User-friendly and also stay tidy in the long term. Ultimately, this will benefit the overall image of your business. Everything, as you know, is a profession.

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Chesterfield restaurant furniture

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chesterfield catering furniture

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