Which Chesterfield discount makes you happy?

Getting a discount on a Chesterfield is nice. There are various forms of discount that we would like to present to you. The product, materials, delivery and guarantees are of course completely identical, only for slightly less money. However, the amount of reduction depends on the quantity you buy and usually starts with the purchase of several items.

1st kind of discount on Chesterfield is per seat

The discount per seat can result in a nice lower price when purchasing your Chesterfield. In addition to specific dates, you can always expect this form of discount in the meantime.

2nd kind of discount Chesterfields purchase multiple items

If you buy several Chesterfields from us, we offer a reduction in the total price. For us it is a one-time order and delivery and that includes a small margin of discount.

3rd Kind Discount Chesterfields Free Delivery

The delivery of a Chesterfield is of course not without incurring costs. Sometimes we can offer this free of charge by combining the delivery with other deliveries in your region.

4th type Chesterfield discount reduction on more expensive leather

Sometimes the customer chooses a somewhat more expensive type of leather that will eventually be crossed out as a discount on Chesterfield.

Unless otherwise agreed, no combination of the various discounts is possible.
If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you.

chesterfield with discount

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