Chesterfield warranty

Chesterfield guarantee, we guarantee and substantiate our quality

Our Chesterfield warranty conditions are there to offer you extra guarantees. Despite the fact that we stand behind our material and processing, it can always be the case that something goes wrong. The securities that we offer you herewith relate to your down payment and the Chesterfields delivered. These guarantees cover the risks of your purchase.

We offer you CBW warranty when purchasing your Chesterfield

Below you can read why we have supplemented your legal guarantee with the security.

Consumers increasingly rely on the legal guarantee, CBW-recognised guarantee or factory guarantee.
But what do those guarantees actually mean and what rights can a customer derive from them?

What types of guarantees does a consumer have?

  1. Legal guarantee: the so-called 'conformity requirement'
  2. CBW-recognized warranty: the two-year full warranty from the CBW-recognized conditions;
  3. Factory warranty: warranty that a supplier or manufacturer provides to the consumer;

1. The Legal Warranty*

In the conformity requirement, the law obliges the retailer to supply a product that meets the justified requirements of the consumer. The customer may base his expectations on factors such as:

- the nature of the product: new, used, branded item, damaged;

- the amount of the price;

- the circumstances under which the purchase took place: sale, sale of a store subsidiary;

- the reputation of the selling company;

-branded product or not;

-and very important are of course the statements of the seller, whether or not in response to questions from the consumer.

The expected lifespan under normal use plays an important role here.
Suppose a customer submits a complaint within six months of delivery, the cause of which is doubtful, then the retailer must be able to demonstrate that the customer is to blame for the defect. The customer can then demonstrate that the product does not comply (the CBW-recognized warranty extends this period to 2 years after delivery).

It is not possible to exclude or limit the legal guarantee. By law you are not allowed to ask for an additional payment. In some cases, however, additional payment is justified. For example, if there is an increase in value or life extension due to the repair. This also applies to replacement of the product.

The law always comes first. And is above the CBW-recognized or factory warranty. This can also mean that the customer receives a higher (or full) compensation for the costs, even if the CBW-recognized product warranty has already expired.

2. The CBW-recognized guarantee

The General Terms and Conditions CBW-recognized (article 15, paragraph 2) contains a 2-year full guarantee scheme. All costs of repair or replacement will be reimbursed.

Incidentally, the article on warranty, article 15, starts in paragraph 1 with the statutory regulation, which always applies.

PAY ATTENTION! In the event of complaints within two years after delivery, the retailer must be able to prove that the product is good ('in accordance with the agreement') and that the complaint was caused by the customer himself. This is called a reversed burden of proof.

Retailers are allowed to exclude showroom, clearance or B-choice models from the CBW-recognized warranty. As stated before, you can never exclude the legal guarantee.

3. The manufacturer's warranty

Suppliers are free to determine the terms and length of their warranty. Certain parts can also be excluded from the warranty or have a shorter validity period.
When a supplier provides a certain guarantee, the customer can address the retailer about this, even if the supplier is bankrupt.
The law does not literally state that the provider of a commercial warranty must provide the burden of proof during the term of the warranty, but the warranty provider does have something to explain if problems arise with the purchase during the warranty period.


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