A Chesterfield corner lounge always fits beautifully. It is also available as custom work and can therefore be put together in many sizes and variants. Our furniture fits better because we tailor it to your wishes and posture. Our advice goes a little further.

How should you measure the new corner lounge?

If you want to have a corner sofa made to measure, it is wise to measure the space properly. If you have seen a model sofa, armchair or corner in our Chesterfield collection, please let us know, including the desired dimensions and finish, and we will tell you exactly what the furniture will cost.

What does a corner sofa from Mister Chesterfield cost

De prijzen zijn wel afhankelijk van de afwerking of dit in bijvoorbeeld standaard Antique range leder is of bijvoorbeeld in een meubelstof. De vermelde prijzen op onze site geven een bedrag weer in de standaard antique range, ook wel Chesterfield leder. Soms komen mensen met een afbeelding van de gewenste sofa en vragen het ons in onze kwaliteit te maken. Dat is dus ook geen probleem. Wij creëren de beste hoeksalon geheel naar uw wensen.

The delivery of your corner lounge is with Mr. Chesterfield often free

We often also deliver these at no extra cost in, for example, Belgium up to 260KM for free and abroad for a very small fee. Be surprised by our versatility, take a look around our online Chesterfield store for some impressions of other furniture such as sofas and armchairs. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

chesterfield-corner lounge-corner sofa-corner sofa-corner-seat
Chesterfield corner sofa corner corner sofa

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