Maintaining a Chesterfield gives an extra lifespan

The best maintenance of a Chesterfield is necessary for the life and protection of the leather. However, maintaining your Chesterfield depends on what type of leather or furniture fabric you have on the furniture. In addition, leather and upholstery fabrics can both be made very good extra water and dirt-repellent .

Good advice is just as important when maintaining your Chesterfield

When purchasing Chesterfield furniture, the right advice is very important because it gives your purchase extra protection and lifespan. Today there are many different types of leather on the market. Previously it was usually only hand-washed and cover-dyed variants,

Which Chesterfield leather has which maintenance product

Om het leder goed te onderhouden moet u eerst weten welk Chesterfield leder er op het meubel verwerkt is. Op onze Leder en meubelstof pagina kunt u meer lezen en de diversiteit in afwerking zien.

Today there is much more variation compared to 15 years ago. Because the lived-in atmosphere is popular, the tanneries have developed vintage leathers. These are very popular in addition to the traditional (antique) Chesterfield range. We also call the more modern versions the smooth finished, top coated car quality.

Find out what finish your Chesterfield furniture has…

If you have been able to purchase the furniture from us, you have certainly received this advice. If you want to request this again, we can see which finish your Chesterfield furniture has on the basis of your order or invoice. Please contact us.

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