The best Chesterfield furniture for Amsterdam

What is the best Chesterfield store for Amsterdam? The real enthusiast goes for a real English quality from Mister Chesterfield. The correct execution of furniture is therefore an enrichment for the interior. Chesterfields are for sale everywhere, but Amsterdam should really see the best of English soil. The connoisseur expects a real authentic English quality, but the Oriental variants are also offered en masse with a neat certificate. Everything is original and the best!

Most people know that a good implementation of this furniture style is a must have in your interior. Therefore, do not just buy from the first showroom that rubs you the one and only original (of its own brand) with many bells and whistles.

Veelzijdige uitvoeringen die stuk voor stuk Chesterfield waardig en uit Engeland afkomstig zijn.

Chesterfield leather upholstery fabrics

Mister Chesterfield furniture is very strong and deeply knotted

The English Chesterfield furniture is originally very strong. The materials used were always the best of the best and that's what gave this furniture its solid name. Is it all still as solid as before or do the sellers only live on a solid name? Good advice and openness about all processed materials is therefore important and that is not limited to suggesting quality.

The Deep-buttoned versions, as the English make this, give the furniture just a little more character than the cheap-looking look a likes. These have knots that are more on the surface.

You bought a Chesterfield for life…

Chesterfield furniture Amsterdam large and great offer

Mister Chesterfield's range is large, but we are a personal and sustainable company.

Besides deliveries to the catering industry such as Vondel CS, Esprit Café and Tommy Hilfiger, we have already made many private individuals in Amsterdam happy with our furniture. The Vintage Chesterfield versions are currently very popular in combination with the modern or retro interior. the Chesterfield is still a timeless style icon. A piece of furniture with an enormous appearance. The character attracts attention in the interior and that is why the execution or finish is so important. The most beautiful Chesterfield furniture in Amsterdam.

Online there is a large Chesterfield range of worthless quality

There is a lot of Chesterfield Imitation with a crappy quality. This is nothing to write home about, but it does make the furniture affordable for a larger group, even if you just want to put it in the house. Online you see en masse the most beautiful, best original, but in practice supply is scarce. The providers who stick to the English product can really be counted on one hand. As repairers originally, we know exactly where the most savings are made. Of course, that's pretty much all the aspiring buyer can't know or show on the outside.
Read more our page; About Chesterfields

Mister Chesterfield's shop is not far from Amsterdam

From Amsterdam, our store is less than a 40-minute drive to Leidschendam, outside the hustle and bustle of the A4. But it is also easy to do by public transport. We can also bring you to and from the station. If you are really looking for a beautiful design, we can guarantee that a visit to our store in Leidschendam will never be in vain. If it is no longer of this time, our furniture has a minimum life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, so why not be critical and take a ride to Leidschendam.

Combine a visit with the Mall of the Netherlands, The Hague center or coast

Delivery costs of our furniture in Amsterdam are affordable: In many cases delivery is even free or in the worst case against payment of a fuel fee, nil. moving elevator; Because we regularly deliver in your region, we also have good and affordable connections for the possible use of a removal lift. So this is no problem either.

You can already orientate yourself in our online Chesterfield store and on our site you can read a lot about this furniture style: And if you have any questions, just contact us!

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