You will receive an excellent Chesterfield sofa

De perfecte Chesterfield zitbank bestaat wel maar niet iedereen verkoopt ze, deze moeten natuurlijk ook passen bij je lifestyle. Daarom hebben wij al heel veel standaard modellen in onze collectie. Niet echt standaard omdat u hier nog ieder detail kunt aanpassen. Natuurlijk zoekt men een stijlvolle Chesterfield zitbank die goed bij het interieur past en daarnaast ook nog eens de beste materialen heeft en heerlijk zit. Met onze Chesterfield zitbanken is het bijna oneindig creëren, er zijn zoveel uitvoeringen en mogelijkheden is er altijd een bank die past. We hebben stoelen, banken, hoekbanken, tafels, voetenbanken enzovoort.

At Mister Chesterfield, quality and comfort predominate. The Chesterfields we supply are all unique in design. These are pieces of furniture that have been put together with great care and are still traditionally built in Great Britain. It is always possible to build cheaper, but to build a Chesterfield worthy sofa you have to use good materials.

They are Chesterfield sofas that sit perfectly

Whatever your style, you can't pigeonhole a Chesterfield sofa. Although it is a classic style icon, there are so many variants on the market that the model of grandfather and grandmother is no longer the only model. With the variety we offer, there is always a version that suits your style. With the finish in leather or fabric in many versions, it is pleasant to put together with or without buttons. The Chesterfields are indispensable in the classic retro, vintage or industrial interior. What many people do not know is that the vast majority of our buyers make the combination in a modern interior. Very atmospheric. They are cool or chic but always timeless.

A quality Chesterfield sofa is for a long time

Our high quality will last for decades because everything about these sofas is selected. The choice of finish in leather or upholstery fabrics is important for the longevity. The maintenance of these benches is easy and there are enough cleaners and protectors on the market to make it a worry-free purchase. A bank must suit your family situation or application and we will certainly take that into account.

The vast majority of Chesterfield sofas sold are made of a good quality cowhide leather. Are you looking for velvet or velor or the more coarsely woven furniture fabrics, then we have excellent alternatives.

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