FAQ Frequently asked questions to Mister Chesterfield

On this FAQ page you can find the most frequently asked questions to Mister Chesterfield. These are based on our experience gained over three generations.

FAQ Over Chesterfield algemeen afkomst en aanbod:

QUESTION: What is an original Chesterfield?
ANTWOORD: Chesterfield is niet een vast merk uit één bepaalde fabriek zoals veel mensen denken. Vanwege het juridische aspect is een meubel als (oud) ontwerp onmogelijk als patent vast te leggen. Chesterfield is meer een publiekelijk origineel. Online krijgt u het aangeboden zoals u het wilt maar een mooie voor de hand liggende domeinnaam zegt nog niets het land waar het meubel is gemaakt of de kwaliteit. Lees voor u überhaupt iets koopt onze OVER CHESTERFIELDS pagina.

QUESTION: Does Mister Chesterfield (the publicly known) sell original English Chesterfields?
ANSWER: Mister Chesterfield believes that we provide as original as possible Chesterfield. Together with the comfort, which was not always so good, this is the main reason why we started our own label in 2006. As restorers of origin, we know how the furniture is offered in this style. We can simply be transparent about our products and therefore always declare in black and white the country where the furniture is manufactured and all materials used that cannot be seen from the outside. Slightly stronger frames, better suspension and fillings are part of this. Sitting comfortably, also in the long term is important. Read more on the about us page.

VRAAG: Waar laat Mister Chesterfield zijn meubels maken?
ANTWOORD: Wij zijn van mening dat een Chesterfield in Engeland vervaardigt moet worden. Er zijn er natuurlijk goedkopere landen te bedenken die de ondernemer meer marge zullen brengen. Wij vinden de authenticiteit zeer belangrijk en zijn blij dat we nog steeds alleen Engelse producten kunnen aanbieden.

FAQ Chesterfield price and or quality:

VRAAG: Zijn de meubels van Mister Chesterfield duur in verhouding met alternatieven uit b.v. Azië?
ANTWOORD: Wie een mooie kwaliteit koop weet dat deze zeer lang mee zal kunnen en wat is het verschil in prijs betrekkelijk. Let op; de meubels uit andere landen dan Groot-Brittanië zijn trouwens niet altijd goedkoper in prijs om een origineel of kwaliteit te suggereren. Vaak zijn er meerdere site’s van één leverancier te vinden om een bepaalde doelgroep aan te spreken. Linksom of rechtsom willen ze ook aan u verkopen.

QUESTION: As a layman, what can I look for if I want to buy a good Chesterfield?
ANSWER: We have made an about-Chesterfields page for the orienting buyer on our internet site with all the details about this Chesterfield furniture. You can find this page HERE . You may find similar information on the sites of colleagues to substantiate the knowledge. Visiting the provider and requesting detailed information in black and white is highly recommended.

FAQ Chesterfield orientation:

QUESTION: Does Mister Chesterfield have a showroom and is there enough available?
ANSWER: Yes, Mister Chesterfield has a showroom with an average of 100+ items. Behind the traditional shop facade is a deep shop building. A personal store, as people experience it. Many of our Chesterfield furniture can be admired here, but… Some of the items that can be seen on our site are in our external storage. If you are specifically interested in certain item(s), we ask that you notify us in advance so that we can put it in the showroom.

QUESTION: What colors or types of leather/furniture fabrics can I choose on my Chesterfield?
ANSWER: There is a huge choice in types and colors of leather or upholstery. We almost always recommend cow leather for leather and, for example, for velvet, woven or tweed fabrics, we naturally supply very good furniture quality. The finish largely determines the lifespan of your Chesterfield. Advice is also very important here. See also our leather and furniture fabric page

FAQ Chesterfield guarantee:

QUESTION: What kind of warranty can I expect from Mister Chesterfield?
ANSWER: 15 year warranty on our solid beechwood frames + 5 year warranty on the basic upholstery + 5 years on the leather – if maintained as prescribed + 5 years on cushion + fillings + 3 years on recliner and office chair frames – pump and hinges + 2 year warranty on upholstery fabrics In addition, Extra CBW warranty: secure down payment and impartial handling of complaints. After these warranty periods you can always have your purchase repaired by us at a reduced rate. See also our Our label and quality page

FAQ Chesterfield delivery costs:

QUESTION: What are the delivery costs if I buy a Chesterfield sofa or chair?
ANSWER: It depends on how you buy the furniture: New on order in the store; then delivery is free up to 260KM from our location. If you buy new online from stock, 2nd hand > restored or unrestored trade-in, you only pay €0.60ct per KM. At all times we will offer an attractive proposal or discount on the delivery costs.

FAQ Chesterfield maintenance:

Q: How should I best maintain my Chesterfield?
Maintaining your Chesterfield does not have to be very difficult, but it does depend greatly on the type of leather used on the furniture. If you have bought the furniture from us, we can check which type of leather you have purchased. You can view the various finishes and descriptions on our leather and upholstery fabrics page. Even the furniture fabrics must be cleaned in a targeted manner and possibly protected.

Question: How can I color in lighter spots on my Chesterfield furniture?
Answer: The lighter spots on, for example, pillows, piping and other parts that you sit against or touch. are very common in a Chesterfield. The piping and pleats that become lighter in color can be spotted in almost every variant used. It has nothing to do with the quality of the leather delivered, but unlike with smoothly finished furniture, for example, the folds have more counter pressure than single leather, which indicates a more intensive friction. If you have bought the furniture from us, we can check which type of leather you have purchased and whether additional coloring is possible at all.

FAQ Chesterfield herstel:

QUESTION: Can Mister Chesterfield also repair damage or wear?
ANSWER: We have been repairing/restoring Chesterfields in our own workshop since 1945, so we are now very experienced in solving problems and repairing damage to a Chesterfield.

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