We are happy to tell you about Mister Chesterfield.

Setting up our own Chesterfield label has actually been a logical continuation of our experiences in the repair work. The satisfaction of working at old Chesterfields is very great. Over the past 20 years, there has been a significant trend to make this beautiful furniture affordable in a commercial way. Practice shows that the builders have cut back on everything, as long as the outside looks nice in the store. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is also widely present in England.

Door de reparaties en aanpassingen die wij dagelijks uitvoeren weten wij wat de meest kwetsbare delen en materialen aan deze meubels zijn. Ons eigen Mister Chesterfield label geheel is door ons zelf ontwikkeld. Wij zijn zeer trots op onze uitvoeringen en wat wij u kunnen bieden.
Als u een mooie Chesterfield wilt kopen, moet u ons product echt even komen bekijken.

In 1945, just after the 2nd World War, my grandfather started the traditional way of restoring classic seating furniture. These activities were carried out with traditional materials such as crin, horsehair, linen, bone glue, polish, etc. Through these activities, the love for furniture with a distinctive and above all own appearance grew. In addition to the Chesterfields, he had a weakness for furniture from the 1920s. Later he developed further by designing and realizing his own furniture line. This was made entirely from the frame in-house.

Since 1958, my father has been committed to continuing these developments in the company. He is an idol of his profession and, despite his retirement, is still active and full of interest in everything that has to do with this profession. The craft aspect is the main reason for his enthusiasm.

Since 1992 I have mainly been involved in restoring and restoring furniture. Partly due to my training as a fine woodworker, I have an eye for beautiful, sustainable materials. Restoring beautiful old Chesterfields is a hobby that got out of hand, but it is still one of the most beautiful aspects of this profession. You simply give such furniture a new lease of life. I always hope the new owner enjoys looking at it as much as I do. People quickly notice that this is my passion. I would like to show everyone that a Chesterfield is so much more than just a seat. My Perfectionism comes in handy in my profession.

Mister Chesterfield is located at 27 Venestraat in Leidschendam. This is the oldest street in this place, which is only a 7-minute drive from the center of The Hague. With an average of about 100+ items, you can experience all our variants and models here. In addition to our "made to measure" collection, you can also view our beautifully restored Chesterfields here. With so much variety and options, making a choice can sometimes be difficult, but we can help you with that. Model – size – Color – Leather type.

Without concessions the most beautiful Chesterfields of the Low Countries.

English quality – direct import entirely in-house – personal service

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