Many suppliers pretend to sell the best Chesterfield quality, but our repair work shows that this is not the case. We have been renovating, repairing and improving vulnerable parts of frames, suspension and fillings since 1945. We are in the first instance material experts and only then sellers. Setting up our Chesterfield label stems from love for this furniture. The increasingly cheaper way of building goes together and the often worthless seating comfort, which we could no longer bear. Of course, it is ultimately consumer demand that determines the supply. On this page you can read why we offer the better or the best Chesterfield quality. If you have nothing to hide, you can also be transparent about your product.

Selecting and processing beautiful materials is a pleasure in itself.

Selecting beautiful materials and having them processed in your own collection is a pleasure in itself. This is not limited to the use of a nice piece of leather. A "Mister Chesterfield" is made of specially selected materials.
This ensures that our Chesterfields have a comfortable seat. Solid and solid Chesterfields of 30 years and older have made the name Chesterfield big.

An English Chesterfield worthy of quality as they have made a name for themselves.

During our restorations we have found that many versions produced in the past 25 years left a lot to be desired. We want to offer you the best Chesterfield quality. Our furniture is manufactured entirely according to our guidelines. This way we know exactly who has worked at a Chesterfield and they know our special plates according to our wishes. A good supplier can make almost any model for you, regardless of model or appearance. We offer you the Chesterfield with the example of the real classic, and tailor-made as is often the case with more stylish products.

You will receive a signed declaration of English origin with all our newly furnished seating furniture. the Furniture was bought and/or manufactured in England and therefore we don't have to suggest anything.

A good English Chesterfield can last for decades. As restorers of origin, we have used the best materials and constructions to give the furniture a long life.
In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we also offer you the following guarantees in black and white in addition to our service:

  • 15 year warranty on our solid beechwood frames
  • 5 year warranty on the basic upholstery
  • 5 years on the leather - if maintained as prescribed
  • 5 years on pillow fillings
  • 3 years on recliner and office chair frames - pump and hinges
  • 2 year warranty on upholstery fabrics
  • Extra CBW guarantee: secure deposit and impartial complaint handling

Our guarantees overlap the CBW offered and your statutory guarantees that you have as a consumer.
In the event of a dispute, you are also entitled to an impartial complaint handling process. ( CBW recognized )

After the warranty periods, you can always have your purchase repaired by us at a reduced rate.

Because our furniture is not much more expensive than the standard average and therefore cheaper production, not everyone expects to get a high-end product. However, this has more to do with our sustainable business operations than with the product you receive.

Chesterfield quality frames:

We build our frames in-house and therefore offer many options. A solid frame, which is made of 100% beech wood from the legs to the top plating. That may not be very interesting for a layman, we can understand, but we have seen a lot of variants that are built with parts of MDF and chipboard. Of course this cannot be seen from the outside and that is why it is also advisable to have the seller put this on the invoice. We know that the vast majority will not want to explain this because they are composite materials. If you still fall through the frame after the warranty period, you have everything on paper.

Chesterfield nosag suspension quality

Nosag, also called zig-zag suspension, is preferred on webbing. A good nosag spring has a thickness of 3.6 to 3.8 millimeters and is a good choice if a heavy quality with good clips is used. To keep the price as low as possible, you often see that fewer of these springs are placed. Instead of every 8 to 10 cm you often come across springs that are placed every 15 to 20 cm. In the photo you can see the amount that we use as standard. This distance is even less than the perfect 8cm distance. A good nosag spring has a thickness of 3.6 to 3.8 millimeters. These black nosag feathers are also used in the back and you don't find that anywhere anymore.


Chesterfield quality patent suspension

The patent suspension we are fans! These are always custom made is smooth and comfortable. We apply this suspension in both the knotted and smooth-finished seats. But some versions with cushions also have this application. The suspension provides comfort, which always depends on the material filling with which you sit on the suspension. We may well recommend an alternative suspension if it suits you better. The lifespan of this coil suspension is very long. Over time it may soften slightly but that is normal after a few decades and can be tensioned again from the undersides of the Chesterfield.

Solid beech wood

frame chesterfield beech wood

Solid spiral patent suspension



In the past, filling materials such as feather linen, crin, horsehair, filling linen, cotton wool and cotton were used. In the past, the polyether grades were not very good quality and were often seen as inferior. but as with all materials, different qualities are available here. Today we soak with foams that are comparable to cold foam in the Netherlands. The English do not know this term. Foam, so polyether, is available in several densities, hardnesses and colours. In general, the higher the density, also known as specific gravity (SG), the stiffer the resistance. A hardness says nothing about the quality of the filling, although a firm filling subconsciously feels more solid than soft. We choose the fillings to fulfill your wishes. Good advice is important to realize your personal wishes. TIP: Always choose a slightly firmer pillow as it will become softer in use.


De kussens zijn altijd erg bepalend voor het comfort en de sfeer in de Chesterfield meubels en is dus ook weer zeer persoonlijk. De soort vulling in combinatie met de vering moet bij u passen. Veel mensen hebben ook op dit vlak een voorkeur. Bij het advies is het goed om naar de specifieke voorkeur van de klant te luisteren. De één wil nu eenmaal een harde strakke zitting liefst zonder plooien, waar de ander weer een meer nonchalante uitstraling wil. Het is voor ons erg interessant waar uw voorkeur ligt. We zullen wij ook altijd proberen dit te verwerken in uw meubel. Materiaal die aan uw verwachtingen zal voldoen. Er zijn veel combinaties leverbaar die we graag matchen met de persoonlijke voorkeur. Wij vragen ook net even verder door dan of u een keuze voor zacht, middel-hard of stevig heeft. Het is aan ons de juiste vullingen in combinatie met de ondervering te bestellen. De manier van zitten, uw gewicht en postuur is onderdeel waarop ons advies zal zijn afgestemd.


We offer you a wide choice of leather and upholstery fabrics . There are many types of leather and furniture fabrics, each with its own atmosphere and property. The idea that a new Chesterfield only shines as a high gloss in the room is therefore not realistic. In addition to the modern, often opaque-painted variants, there are now also many colors with a slightly grained crackle atmosphere. This gives off the vintage atmosphere of the often so beloved old Chesterfields . These also grained versions are a very nice alternative to create a customized New Chesterfields with used atmosphere. Our leathers are tested for wear and color. You will always receive the furniture with appropriate maintenance advice/agent. Not only optically, but also the application of the furniture makes the choice of leather or furniture fabric important. The wrong advice will greatly affect the longevity.

The padding of a Chesterfield is manual work

chesterfield quality original materials