In about mister Chesterfield we would like to tell you about who we are

In the about Mister Chesterfield page we would like to tell you about who we are. The passion for beautiful, solid materials, where Chesterfields once made a name for themselves, was the main reason for us to set up our own Chesterfield -worthy label.

1st generation

In 1945, net na de 2e wereldoorlog is mijn grootvader begonnen met het op ambachtelijke wijze herstellen van klassieke zitmeubels. Deze werkzaamheden werden uitgevoerd met traditionele materialen. Hij verwerkte producten als crin, paardenhaar, beenderlijm, politoer e.d. Door deze werkzaamheden groeide de liefde voor meubels met een kenmerkende en vooral eigen uitstraling. Naast de Chesterfield modellen had hij tevens een zwak voor meubels uit de jaren 20. Later heeft hij zich toegespitst op het ontwerpen en realiseren van zijn eigen meubellijn. Deze werd geheel vanaf het frame in eigen beheer gemaakt.

2nd generation

Since 1958, my father has been committed to continuing these developments in the company. He is an idol of his profession and full of interest in everything that has to do with this profession. The traditional way of upholstering gives him the most satisfaction. He has worked for highly reputable antique dealers and stock exchanges. He is still working on his passion every day and of course he has a lot of experience. I really appreciate

3rd generation

Since 1992 I have mainly been involved in restoring and restoring furniture. Because of my training in fine woodworking, furniture upholstery, I have an eye for beautiful and sustainable materials. Restoring or rescuing old Chesterfields is still one of the best aspects of this business. Giving an intensively used product a 2nd or 3rd life gives me relaxation in the hectic society. People quickly notice that this furniture is my passion. Too much prejudice has come into the world because of incorrectly built Chesterfields. This is one of the reasons why we have had our own versions built. My perfectionism can be seen in our products.

Our store has a central location and is easy to drive to

Mister Chesterfield is located at 27 Venestraat in Leidschendam. This is the oldest street in this place which is only a 7 min drive from the center of The Hague .
With an average of more than 100 items, you can experience all our variants and models here.
Parking is possible at a short distance and is also free.


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