New Chesterfields stock

New Chesterfields in stock with a few days delivery time
We offer these new Chesterfields in stock. They are therefore immediately available. We purchase these versions for two reasons; firstly to supplement our transports and secondly to offer you a pleasantly short delivery time. This reduces transport and is therefore also appropriate in our sustainable business operations. These can therefore be delivered to you in a shorter period of time.
Despite immediately available, no mass product yet
You may get the impression that we have had a lot of furniture made like 13 in a dozen, but this is certainly not the case. The models you see are very popular because the comfort is suitable for a very large group of people. Our best sellers come with a full warranty.

Daarnaast kunt u altijd een bijpassende bank, stoel, hoekbank of voetenbank bij of nabestellen. Neemt u Contact met ons op als u vragen over onze Chesterfields op voorraad heeft. De kopers melden ons meestal dat de uitvoeringen nog mooier zijn dan op de foto.

We are CBW recognized, so more security in terms of payments & guarantees.
In addition to the stock below, many of our showroom models shown are also available immediately.

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