Queen Anne footstool


Price is from size 54cm x 42cm x 33cm
In almost every color and type of leather or furniture fabric √
Other dimensions outer size, width, depth √
Free delivery up to 260KM from our location*
Including maintenance product and advice √
Deposit when ordering 25%
Remainder of payment on delivery / 6-8 weeks
Prices are from in Antique range leather or fabric


The Chesterfield Queen Anne footstool completes the picture

Our Chesterfield Queen footstool is also available in many variants. Of course, such a model can be marketed in many ways, but we would like to invite you to view and feel the versions. In addition to being beautiful to look at and with a beautiful finish, our variants are also very solid. This footstool is standard 54cmx42cm and 33cm high, but we also supply this product in any desired version and finish: 100% customization

We therefore also supply you with sizes that are wider or narrower.

A Chesterfield model sometimes looks identical, but it certainly isn't

In terms of design, there may be similar models to spot, but every provider makes a copy or its own variant.
You can read more about our quality and choice of materials on our label and quality page or contact us.

Opties voor de Chesterfield Queen Anne Footstool:

Size: Available in any desired size
Multifunctional as eg extend table with tray or seat depth.
Legs: your choice of model / height / color
Wheels: plastic or brass in modern or aged




Extra information

Type of zitplaatsen



Bronze, Caramel, Cream, Any color leather & fabric, Beige, Grey, Green, Orange, Parchment, Pink, Brown, Red, Black, Cognac, Beige, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Taupe, White