NO. 0360 Chesterfield Captains SOLD

Cleaned √
Frame sturdy √
Suspension and lower seat √
Leather and finish √
Pay 25% when ordering
Pay the remainder on delivery


NO. 0360 Chesterfield Captains chair Restored office chair Immediately available

See images for sizes.

Our restored second-hand Chesterfield range is without flaws or hidden dirt and cannot be compared to regular second-hand offerings. Our work goes much further than a little vacuuming and a piece of laundry. We import our collection directly from Great Britain. In addition to our custom-made new ones, we select used quality Chesterfields and these are first thoroughly cleaned and renovated before sale. This makes it a great fresh and good alternative to new.

Wist u dat wij u ook uw bestaande Chesterfield set kunnen aanvullen of uitbreiden met nieuwe of gebruikte items, en niet onbelangrijk, geheel op kleur en sfeer?

This item comes with a signed English-Made Certificate.

If you would like to view this item, please contact us first.

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