The industrial interior needs a vintage Chesterfield.

Voor een vintage Chesterfield die ook nog eens fantastisch zit, dan bent u bij Mister Chesterfield aan het juiste adres. Hier vindt u een ruim aanbod van vintage Chesterfield meubelen die stuk voor stuk in Groot- Brittannië zijn vervaardigd. Niet alleen gerestaureerde, tweedehands, maar ook comfortabele nieuwe vintage Chesterfield uitvoeringen. Onze familie heeft al 75 jaar ervaring met herstel aan deze zitmeubels en bezitten daardoor veel materiaalkennis.


For those who are looking for really good Chesterfield vintage furniture

Many new vintage Chesterfield furniture looks pretty nice at first glance, but in the basics, the materials have been cut back enormously. The result is a piece of furniture that will very quickly show poor seating comfort. At Mister Chesterfield old Chesterfields are restored to their former glory and everyone can enjoy the real feel and beautiful look of this great classic.

Three generations of experience with the vintage Chesterfield

At Mister Chesterfield you will find frequently used and professionally restored Chesterfield sofas, sometimes more than 50 years old. This furniture has a beautiful appearance and is wonderfully comfortable. These are in top condition, they have been thoroughly cleaned and restored. After a renovation, the furniture is good for years of pleasure again. You will notice in everything that since 1945 the love for and the knowledge of restoration. The upholstering and processing of these beautiful sofas is passed on from father to son. You can read more about our history on our about Mister Chesterfield page.

Experience for yourself how well Chesterfield furniture fits

On the website you will find a good overview of the versatile range of Mister Chesterfield. In addition to a desired amount of seats, you can also orientate yourself here on the price. You can experience this in our showroom at 27 Venestraat in Leidschendam. We are happy to give you advice about the color and the finishing options. Look for our opening times and the fastest route to Mister Chesterfield on our contact route page.

If you are not sure whether the atmosphere looks identical, visit our showroom. Our new vintage Chesterfields are regularly labeled as old ones. I don't think you can get a better compliment.

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